Some people like to travel to hotels for various reasons, whether it's for a break, celebrating an event, or for a short stay during a business trip. Whatever the reason for the customer to stay, of course the hotel must ensure that the guest's stay will be useful and memorable. Then how guests can choose your hotel compared to other hotels? This is the role of a strong hospitality marketing strategy so that your hotel remains competitive in the midst of today's hospitality competition.

Currently, your prospective guests will find it very easy to find information about your hotel online if you have a website or register your hotel with an Online Travel Agent. Generally, nowadays people don't need a travel agent to book a hotel. That's why you need to make sure that your hotel is easy to find. Make sure your hotel's online presence is strong by staying on top with SEO optimization and make sure your content is relevant and using strong keywords to increase the chances of your hotel site being visited.

Show Review
Studies show that 81% of travelers always read reviews before booking a hotel. Share the good reviews your hotel has received from past guests on your website and other review sites like TripAdvisor so you can use this as a marketing strategy. You can also actively reply to every review you get to increase your engagement as a hotel owner.
Maximize social media
You can maximize social media to promote your hotel. Social media can be a great medium for directing guests to your website, even turning them into confirmed bookings. Do it regularly such as posting content relevant to your hotel. Also use paid advertising to increase exposure. You can even take advantage of social media to answer questions from guests and build guest engagement which can lead to loyalty and repeat bookings.

Loyalty Program
You can look after your guests by designing a Member Loyalty Program to increase your loyal guest base. Give your repeater guests the advantage of returning to stay such as exclusive facilities for them or provide a point-earning mechanism to your guests which they can exchange and use for other facilities or goods.
An effective marketing strategy can significantly strengthen your business. Put the time and effort into developing it to improve your hospitality business. Ecommerceloka can provide you with services that can strengthen hotel marketing strategies such as Hospitality Ecommerce, Social Media Management, to the Hospitality Cloud System which will strengthen the hotel system to make it more efficient to use. You are interested? Contact the Ecommerceloka team now!