If you've ever wondered why your hotel or property doesn't appear on the first page of the Online Travel Agent (OTA )page, you're probably not alone. This question is most often asked by property owners. Usually, the answers to this question are quite diverse because each OTA channel has its own criteria to rank your hotel on its channel.

Then why is the ranking of your hotel on the OTA page important? This is because when you enter into an agreement with OTA it does not automatically generate significant sales, besides the orders you make on OTA, one of which depends on the rating of your property on that channel.

Understand some of the Secrets to Optimize Your Hotel Rating on the following OTAs:

1. Define Your Segment
You need to know the market you want to reach according to your strategy, by doing this positioning, you can focus on channels that have a big impact on your property. This will give maximum results because each OTA has different criteria and markets.

2. Determine the right and accurate description
The information you provide to potential guests must be precise and accurate. Show what sets you apart from your competitors and be specific and honest, increasing the likelihood that guests will book with you.

3. Offer strong visuals
Research shows that images can convert at a higher rate. Your property's images should be eye-catching and give guests a clear idea of ​​what to expect. Include interior drawings showing all room elements, drawings of common areas, pictures of exteriors, and pictures of services such as food, cleaning services, and so on. Make sure you use images with the best resolution and the right visual quality.

4. List all your amenities
Showcasing additional features can help attract guests and increase your hotel's visibility on OTA. Most OTAs allow guests to search by feature so make sure your list of features or amenities is complete and accurate.

5. Optimize pricing and availability
Use your rates and availability, as well as any special promotions, as a tool to optimize your hotel's performance over a given period of time. Revenue Management can help you identify the best price position against your competitors and is an excellent tool to help hoteliers generate more profit.

What can ecommerceloka do for your hotel?
The ecommerceloka professional team has experience in managing more than 20 OTA channels including Booking.com, Expedia, Airbnb, Agoda, Traveloka, Homeaway, and many more. Ecommerceloka also has a Hospitality Cloud System, which is an integrated system with Channel Manager, Booking Engine, and a Cloud-based Central Reservation System, so you can control, increase, and maximize hotel revenue.