Digital Marketing is one of the best ways to increase direct bookings and hotel awareness. However, most hotels do not have the ability to harness the power of digital marketing. This is due to limited resources and budget.

If the hotel currently has a low conversion rate on the website, the percentage of organic traffic is low, so it can't keep up with social media developments or marketing trends. This is a sign that the Hotel needs a Digital Marketing Agency.

Hotels need to consider someone who has expertise in content building, graphic design, social media marketing and all of them have the goal of optimizing conversion rates and awareness. Even your hotel has to compete with billions of budgets from OTA ads.

Then how can hotels improve digital marketing with a limited budget and small staff? The answer is you can look for a Digital Marketing Agency.

Digital Marketing agencies usually have a special and expert team in carrying out digital marketing effectiveness. Digital Marketing Agency has the ability to find out the optimal sales funnel to increase conversions on hotel websites and social media. Of course, an effective social media presence can only be achieved with a specific strategy that combines the most relevant channels with the target audience, so that the value you want to convey is in line with your hotel brand.

If you are already aware of the role of digital marketing in the success of your hotel, and how digital marketing agencies can help you make it happen. So, you need to start determining the right digital marketing agency for your hotel.

ecommerceloka has a team with the hotel, resort, restaurant, and expert backgrounds in digital marketing and hospitality marketing. ecommerceloka can help formulate and execute the right digital marketing strategy for your hotel. The ecommerceloka revenue expert will analyze all digital channels for hotels and optimize so that conversions and brand awareness increase can occur.