A hotel management system is very important to run your property business efficiently, increase revenue, and ensure that guests have a great experience. Hotel Management System includes systems that manage your property operations more smoothly, such as Front Desk system, Revenue Management, Reservation System, and Customer Data Management. These systems are usually provided in the cloud or require special tools for installation.

Therefore, if there is a technical problem with the property management system device, you should take it seriously. This is because the hotel management system is a long-term investment for your property. Here are some signs you should consider changing your hotel management system:

1. The system is difficult to use (Not user friendly)
A good hotel management system is naturally operated efficiently by your employees. Usually the Hotel Management System provider will conduct training on the use of the system, but if an error occurs or the system is difficult to use and operate by employees, maybe you should consider looking at other hotel management systems.

2. Integration with Third Party
The hotel management system theoretically certainly integrates with other systems, but if the integration does not occur in real-time, meaning that data must be entered manually, maybe you need to consider changes, because this will certainly be inefficient both time and financially, and large human occurrences. error when data input occurs. It's a good idea to start considering a cloud-based hotel management system so that it can optimize your scalability and guarantee your future operations. With the cloud, your property can perform quite high efficiency, ranging from data backup, protection, monthly prices, hosting which is much more energy efficient than hardware.

3. Low Return on Investment
The Hotel Management System is not only tasked with saving time and work efficiency, but can also generate revenue for your business. Suppose your system doesn't include marketing automation, guest history lists, and a poorly understood dashboard of course this will cause you lost costs and increased sales.

Then what's next?

Ecommerceloka provides a cloud-based platform that can be accessed anywhere and anytime to facilitate your property operations. The Hospitality Cloud System from ecommerceloka is an integrated system with Channel Manager, Booking Engine, and Central Reservation System (Cloud basis), so you can control, increase and maximize hotel revenue.

With a sophisticated system, the Hospitality Cloud System allows you to manage reservations, update rates, and customize the customer experience to your liking. If you believe your property management system is holding you back and preventing you from innovating, contact Ecommerceloka.