Every hotelier would want to increase direct bookings or direct bookings on their hotel sites, sooner or later. If the hotel has a brand website, chances are, the hotel has already taken steps to get bookings from the brand website.

However, most hotels try to rank on OTA, so all hotel promotions and optimizations focus on OTA. Visitors barely reach the hotel's website, let alone make direct bookings.

Then how to get a direct booking if the conversion rate on the hotel website is below 2%? In fact, the increase in direct bookings is the result of many collaborative efforts. And most importantly, you have to strike a balance between OTA strategy and direct booking strategy. This is because many potential guests come to the hotel website after they have found your brand on the OTA platform.

Here's how to increase direct bookings on your hotel website!

1. Optimize the hotel website
When we talk about how to increase direct bookings, your hotel website plays an important role. A good website should be visually appealing, easy to navigate, and user friendly. Make sure your hotel website is visible in search engines so that it attracts an increase in visitors. Don't forget to make sure that your hotel website doesn't take long to load.

Your hotel website must be mobile responsive, as bookings coming from mobile devices are increasing year on year, which is around 10%. In addition, make sure your hotel website has features such as multi-language and multi-currency, Offer and ensure the Best Price Guarantee.

2. Integrate your Hotel Website and make it a Potential Source for direct booking

The way to improve direct bookings is to ensure that your hotel website is integrated with payment gateways and booking engines. Guests can even receive instant confirmation of their booking via the booking engine. This increases the guest's confidence that the hotel has accepted the booking.

3. Allow guests to book directly through the hotel's Facebook Fanpage

In today's world of social media, leading platforms like Facebook and Instagram play a major role in increasing your hotel's brand awareness. Guests not only share their hotel stays and photos on Facebook but also use the platform to book accommodations.

4. Grow your hotel presence in metasearch engines

According to Trivago, about 50% of all online bookers use metasearch to find their ideal hotel, and this trend will increase in the years to come. Metasearch engines help travelers make informed hotel reservations by enabling them to compare hotel prices listed across multiple OTAs. Ecommerceloka can provide a system to fulfill this. Contact ecommerceloka now!

5. Offer a loyalty program
Customer experience is not a myth! This is a revolution that is rapidly conquering every type of business, in all industries. Guest loyalty programs are a great way to prove to your guests that you can be trusted and that you care about your guests.

Incentivize your guests with a loyalty program for direct bookings. Tell them they can earn points that can be easily redeemed at your hotel. This is not only a great direct booking strategy for hotels but also something that will help build a long-term relationship with the hotel with guests.

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