In simple terms, a hotel booking engine is an application on hotel websites and social media pages to capture and process direct online bookings, currently many booking engines are available cloud-based, so there is no need for special installation on your device.

The Booking Engine is your key to getting commission-free direct bookings; ways to optimize your property sales strategy and maximize revenue.

A booking Engine or online booking engine works by connecting your hotel website and processing secure online bookings made through the website. Later the data is then forwarded to your property management system so that you can access and manage the bookings that occur.

The booking engine can be synced not only with the hotel website but also with your business Facebook. This means guests can book your room without having to visit your official website or other online travel sites.

This is a very convenient way for travelers to make reservations. The booking engine will display your rates and availability in real-time and allow guests to select their dates and complete the reservation.

The booking engine can also integrate with the Channel Manager, so it can operate and be managed in the same way as the OTA you contact.

In summary, the following are the advantages of Booking Engine for your property:

Guests can easily and independently manage bookings – Travelers can check which rooms are available from when, and for how much, without needing to contact the property.
Guests trust online bookings – When a guest makes a booking, your booking engine can accept credit card payments securely, and guest data is stored securely and accessible in one place.
• Guests can book faster – Online booking puts an end to the telephone or email era, with travelers and hotels in touch for days before confirming a booking.
• Guests seek the benefits of direct booking – People will often visit your website in the hope that if they book direct, they will get something more for their stay compared to booking through other channels such as OTA. This is something many properties will do to save on commission payments to third parties.
• More professional – Modern guests will be surprised if they can't place an online order on your website. This may give the impression that your property is not updating and they will eventually book another property.

With the right booking engine, your property will be able to increase conversions with a simple guest booking experience, can save time with quick and easy setup, can eliminate manual entries with instant integration, can make better decisions with the data available on the booking. engine, and gain an advantage over competitors who do not have a booking engine.

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