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Hotel eCommerce Challenge

Why Hotel eCommerce so challenging in business?
human resources

Human Resources

The innovative breakthrough are difficult to made with limited human capital and high demand.

cost and profit

Cost and Profit

The direct impact of both Human Capital & unnecessary tools is your expenses which will cost a lot more than the profit you’ll gain.

ecommerceloka system

Property System

Excessive adequate tools system without the ability to maximize it.

eCommerceloka Solutions

We are The Solutions

It is not surprisingly to see a major reason of improving service quality as the greatest benefit of working with us followed by better management of customer relationship. Enhance the customer satisfaction and retention lead to increased customer loyalty, occupancy rates, and revenue per available customer. This means that the only way to experience growth in hospitality industry is through customer satisfaction. How?


Rates base on range room
  • PMS - Channel Manager
  • Internet Booking Engine
  • Website Template
  • Simplify your complete hotel system (PMS, Channel Manager, Internet Booking Engine) in one dashboard cloud base & website template.

Hybrid Consultant

Comission 10%
  • PMS - Channel Manager
  • Internet Booking Engine
  • Website Template
  • All “Profit & Prove it” packages into one stop solution.

eCommerce Consultant

Rp. 4.5K /mo
  • Work closely with our credible, open minded & expert team to find the best way to maximise your e-Commerce.
LokaEngine and LokaCRS

PMS Channel Manager

User friendly & easy access system with compatibility for all mobile devices. Better bookings to room distribution to avoid overbooking with in partnership channel to Booking.com, Expedia, Agoda, Airbnb, Traveloka, CTrip, Tiket.com, PegiPegi, MG Holiday, Mister Aladin and many more.

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